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03 Jan 2017

Content In Action: The Choc Box Quiz

by Ben Harper 0

Interested in how you get 11,000+ extra visits in one day, from one content placement? We’ve put together a case study on a piece of content we created to showcase what we do for our clients on a daily basis.

We talk a lot about the content we create for clients, but a lot of the time we can’t share what we’ve done or the results due to confidentiality agreements and so as not to potentially jeopardise future campaigns. For us, that can be a bit frustrating as we want to share some of the great work we do here at Datify.

So, in late 2016 we decided we’d create our own piece of interactive content and share it with the world. We’re the client of our own work this time, which means we can share the whole process and results with you.

The Process

We decided to launch a piece of content to coincide with Christmas, and decided that it didn’t have to be digital marketing themed – the point of this exercise was to highlight the range of content we could create.

We held an initial brainstorm (powered by some audience insight data) and came to the conclusion that the strongest idea we had at this stage was to look at Christmas chocolates from a data perspective.

Once we’d decided on this concept, we set to work designing and developing the piece. We went through numerous rounds of amends to improve the design before finally moving forward with the piece. You can see it below:

The Results

So, what did creating this piece of content actually achieve? Well, it’s still early days (the content only went live mid-December), but we’ve already had the results featured on the Daily Mail:


And we’ve analysed the results and created an infographic explaining our findings in more detail:


All very nice, but where’s the value to a business of doing this kind of content?

Well, the Daily Mail article alone sent over 11,000 people to the Chocolate Box quiz on our website in two days.


When you think about what it might cost to advertise to reach those people, or how many other pieces of content you might have to do to get that kind of uptake – it’s easy to see why creating interactive content is a win-win.

It’s also worth remembering that this was based off just one great placement. In reality for clients we go for multiple high-end placements, which then in turn lead to organic placements springing up – all of which drive traffic to our website and boost SEO performance due to the citations from the other websites.

Why Did This Work?

Not every piece of content works, but this one has. There’s a number of reasons for this – good timing, an appealing design, and an easy to use website all played a part. But the main factor was that we thought about where we wanted to place the content and what the result we wanted was before we dived in and created the piece.

Creating the piece took time and budget, but in reality a campaign like this doesn’t need to cost the earth. With a bit of forward thinking, a grasp of the audience, and a clear plan (as well as a bit of technical, design, analytical, and PR know how) there’s no reason why these kind of results (and more) can’t be achieved for any business.

The benefits are clear – more traffic, better brand exposure, and better organic rankings as Google values the content placements that you can achieve more easily with great content behind you.


Ben Harper

Co-Founder at Datify