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05 Oct 2016

How the Great British Bake Off Are Stirring Up Twitter

by Lizzie Benton 0

Tonight, like millions of other cake obsessed Brits, I’ll be tuning into Series 8 of The Great British Bake Off, with a cup of tea in one hand and a sweet treat in the other.

But it’s not just their incredible cake creations or the cheeky innuendos that’s got me hooked on the nations most beloved baking show – even though I consider myself a cake connoisseur.

Oh no, this year I’m loving Bake Off because their Twitter team are truly killing it on social media – and it’s something many brands could do with taking note of!

Every series I follow with bated breath to see which memes and gifs those funny bunch are going to come up with next, and it honestly has me in hysterics.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard than when they posted about poor Tom shouting at a pie. I’ve never been so happy to see someone get star baker after going through so much trauma in the tent!


Many brands and businesses take themselves so seriously on their social media, yet the Bake Off Team are always game for a laugh, and they are the first to post a comical meme about cake catastrophes and naughty one-liners.


And it’s not just the rolling commentary that keeps my sides aching during the show.

They engage with their audience; retweeting praise about the bakers, commenting and sharing their audiences baking wins and fails, and even joining in the conversations that are happening around the show.

They’re not afraid to join in the playful tom-foolery that gets banded around the internet and put their own opinions out there.

It’s a refreshing take when many brands seem afraid of their own audience and leave their personality far behind. Petrified that they may actually have to talk to their own customers.

But this arms-length attitude is serving no purpose to your brand or your business. It just hinders any effort of human connection.

After all, we don’t want to talk to a robot; we want to talk to real people – even if we are doing it through a faceless screen.

Your business may not be as glamorous as Bake Off, but I believe that everyone can learn something from the Bake Off’s recipe for Twitter success;

1 x Big Spoon of Fun

GBBO Twitter is everything social media should be – fun.

If it doesn’t light up your timeline and make you want to hit that heart, it’s probably going to be unfollowed.

You can have the most boring business in the world but there is always a way to make your content fun and interesting. It just has to start with you knowing your audience and their interests.

Do your research and start to make yourself topical and interesting?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


1 x Sprinkling of Relevant Content

Let’s face it, some of us may not be Star Bakers in our own lives, but after watching Bake Off you still want to attempt a Fougasse for yourself.

The Bake Off team are well aware that their audience are full of wannabe bakers, so to help us all along they share recipes and tips and tricks that can help us get there.

It’s not shoved down our throat like the cake we can’t get enough of, but it’s sprinkled into their feed so we know where to find it should we ever decide it’s time to dust off the apron.

Your content should be sprinkling throughout your Twitter in just the same manner.

Make it relevant, useful, and remember to spread evenly!

1 x Good Measure of Trend Hopping

Twitter trends can often be abused for the most random purposes.

I can’t count the times I’ve sat scratching my head at why on earth a business has jumped onto a Twitter trend when it’s completely irrelevant to the content they’ve posted and the industry they’re in.

But GBBO jump on the trends as if they’ve been surfing them all year.

Not only do they pick relevant trends to their audience, but they make their post relevant to the trend.

When they posted the gif of Selasi pondering for #MondayMotivation, I couldn’t agree more but to retweet.

Choose your trends wisely and the rest will follow.

1 x Splash of Community Engagement

If there’s one thing you cannot deny the Bake Off team, it’s how active they are at engaging with their Twitter audience and sharing their GBBO related posts.

They know that Bake Off isn’t just about Mary, Paul, Sue and Mel, and the contestants – it’s a show that’s become a national treasure.

Whether you admit it or not, we all love to discuss the Bake Off, and they make us all feel part of this by letting us join in.

Don’t just make your Twitter all about you, give your audience a voice and appreciate their loyalty.

Unfortunately, in the game of marketing it’s truly rare to see brands being praised for their social game, but The Great British Bake Off team are making everyone stand up and take note.

Be the Star Baker of your own Twitter and you’ll soon find your audience engaging with your brand and becoming loyal followers – even when there isn’t cake involve

Lizzie Benton

Content Marketing Manager at Datify