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Rocket Lawyer

What We Did

We helped Rocket Lawyer launch successfully into the UK by building a social media audience, putting in place a social content strategy, and implementing a new tracking set up to ensure that customer lifecycles can be tracked.

What We Achieved


New Facebook Fans


Successful UK Launch

Our Approach

First, we set about diving into social insights based on the Rocket Lawyer Facebook page in the US to see who their core audience were on the channel. Using this data we were able to acquire new fans for the brand new page at market leading rates, whilst creating content that engaged this audience as they grew. The target was business owners, with a particular focus on female business owners due to the demographic make-up of the US page. This led to a successful launch into the UK for Rocket Lawyer.

Next, we completed a new tracking set up to allow Rocket Lawyer to track their marketing efforts much better in terms of subscriptions and one off legal document sales.

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