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Amy Bull

Account Manager

As Content Marketing Executive at Datify, Amy can be found regularly talking to journalists and editors, working her PR magic to secure client’s placements across a range of top-tier publications including; The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Independent and Marie Claire. Working closely with clients, Amy ensures their message is communicated effectively throughout her content, and ultimately enhances their campaign and creates results.

Before joining the team at Datify, Amy worked in the Telecoms industry, managing both client relations and marketing hand-in-hand, which has enabled her to bring extensive customer relationship experience; these customer relations skills have made her popular among current clients.

She also has first-hand knowledge what businesses expect from their marketing agency having worked alongside other agencies in her in-house role.

Amy has a wealth of experience and knowledge behind her which she shares regularly on Fridge Magazine, Digital Marketing Magazine and All Top Start Ups. Be warned, she writes about her first experiences and is known for her distinctive tone….also known as ‘opinionated!’

Many people aren’t aware that Amy has a degree in Biomedical Sciences, while this seems far removed from the digital marketing industry, it has provided solid experience in extensive researching niche subjects and writing articles that are both, concise, clear and in-depth. When the aim of content is to impart education and value to the reader, this experience is relative.

Apart from being the most hilarious team member due to her awesome impressions and stories of her spirited toddler, she is also a fanatic gym bunny that has a penchant for coriander, gin and Justin Bieber (was previously top secret).

If you catch Amy’s eye you can be sure to laugh, and tread carefully before you open a message from her; it’s likely to contain a gif, meme or emoji guaranteed to make you chuckle.

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