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Dean Lynn

Deputy Managing Director

Dean Lynn is Associate Director at Datify, or as the team refer to him;
Mean Dean
Keen Dean
Frugal Dean
Or Associate Director of House Keeping

Yes, Dean has many alias’ at Datify but he keeps the team in order and entertained, and puts his heart and soul into running the business from all aspects.
His hands-on approach is what puts him in favour with colleagues and clients alike, and he’ll be the first to celebrate the teams achievements with one of his delicious homemade cakes.

With a background in games development; Dean started his career in building tools for companies that needed a solution to their problem. From this he went on to web development and SEO, meaning that Dean brings a wealth of experience to the Datify Team.
Dean is a key driver in implementing creative strategies that involves the entire teams input, no matter their position, and has cemented a creative culture into the working environment at Datify.

When Dean isn’t bringing in any of his delicious cooking, handing out frugal tips or publicly shaming those who’ve left dirty plates on their desk. He can be found indulging in foodie heaven at one of his favourite restaurants, or baking up delicious treats with his daughter.

No matter your problem, Dean is your go-to guy and is the first one to help out a struggling team mate or encourage a tea and biscuit break.

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