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Lucy Stevens

Content Strategist

Lucy works as Content Strategist at Datify; you’ll often find her researching trending topics across a range of industries to ensure our clients are contributing and producing relevant articles to the right publications. She can be found furiously tapping away at her desk, communicating with journalists and editors at the speed of light to ensure that we secure enviable PR placements for our clients including Top Sante, Mother and Baby, New!, Builder and Engineer, Net Doctor, Ask Men and The Debrief.

Lucy wants you to know that there is no magic PR button and the team work every angle that they can to secure these placements – she even wrote an article on it.

Having completed her degree in Fashion Retail Management at Birmingham City University, Lucy gained experience working a number of lifestyle magazines, fashion brands and a PR agency. Giving her a valuable insight into working with journalists and editors, and what they are looking for from PR and marketing agencies – valuable information to be privvy too. After completing her degree, Lucy went on to work in a marketing role for a regional shopping centre; organising events, running the social media accounts and website, designing new marketing campaigns, liaising with retailers and trying her best not to shop – the last one wasn’t always successful.

Having worked on both sides of the industry, she has comprehensive knowledge and can adapt her approach depending on the nature of the placement, making her incredibly successful in her role.
When Lucy isn’t shopping or drinking copious amounts of green tea (prosecco also welcome!), you’ll often find her booking her next meal out (she likes to book more than one so there are plenty of options), and looking after her insta-famous Cocker Spaniel Rosie.

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