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02 Feb 2017

Top Content Campaigns of January

by Lucy Stevens 0

If there’s one thing that gets us chatting in the Datify office (aside from where to go for lunch, who’s going on the cake run or anything else food related), then a blimmin’ good content campaign is sure to get us talking. Content is what we do after all.

When we aren’t coming up with awesome (if I do say so myself),  ideas for clients then we’re probably swotting up on what other brands are doing, how they did it and whether it worked or not. And if a campaign has got us talking, then it has served a larger part of its purpose. After all, if we’re talking about it, then it’s likely that others are too.

So, which campaigns have Datify loved this past month I hear you cry. Let me tell you…

pot noodle campaign

Pot Noodle #youcanmakeitgary

It’s best we steer clear of any Donald Trump-related chat over here (seriously, what?!), but this latest piece of content by Pot Noodle nails the absurdity of it all on the head.

As part of their ‘You Can Make It’ campaign, Pot Noodle tell the story of Gary a bricklayer, who becomes President of the United States (sound familiar?) despite his lack of qualifications.

While the message is of course one which pushes the ideology of making your dreams come true, it plays on the Donald Trump narrative and was released on the day of his inauguration. The #youcanmakeit campaign also transcends to social media, where Pot Noodle tweet inspirational messages to keep followers motivated and invite them to nominate their friends for a series of awards.

this girl can campaign

Sport England This Girl Can

The ‘This girl can’ campaign has been one of the most popular sports advertisements in recent years – over 37 million have watched the original video on both Facebook and YouTube. Having originally focused on 14 to 40-year -old women, the latest campaign aims to break down age barriers related to sport.

Based on the insight that women fear being judged when participating in sports, the new campaign addresses periods of time when women stop exercising in their lives. Having kicked off with a series of London Underground billboards and social media posts, the newest TV offering is set to launch this month.

Sainsburys campaign

Sainsbury’s #fooddancing

I am a big fan of Sainsbury’s campaigns (personally, I favour their Christmas ad over John Lewis’) and their latest one is the perfect January antidote. When purse strings are tighter than normal and our bellies a little rounder, food is where we tend to heal our soul.

#fooddancing captures people dancing in their kitchen whilst they cook in a bid to show the ‘moments, relationships and emotions’ associated with food and living well.

It’s a cheery take on the dull and depressing messages we are often fed in January – eat less, restrict this and that! Why not eat well and have fun at the same time?

Barbie campaign

Barbie #Dadswhoplaybarbie

Okay, Barbie doesn’t exactly promote a healthy body image, but their latest campaign – which is an extension of their ‘you can be anything’ offering – aims to challenge gender stereotypes that Dads don’t play with their daughters and Barbie dolls.

The tagline ‘Time Spent in Her Imaginary World Is an Investment in Her Real World’ also promotes the notion that a father’s involvement is crucial to her social, intellectual and emotional development. The campaign features daughters and their Dads interacting with the Barbie’s and how they can be anything they want to be, including an astronaut, doctor or a teacher.

We Buy Any Car campaign

We Buy Any Car #valueyourtime

It’s pretty rare to see a business openly admitting that their company isn’t the best at what it does, but that’s exactly what We Buy Any Car have done in their latest campaign.

The #valueyourtime campaign sees customers discussing the fact that they could have got more for their car if they had sold it elsewhere, but the quick deal from We Buy Any Car was more valuable to them.

It’s a fairly bold move from a company, but with many of us valuing our time above profit as our lives become busier, the campaign cleverly taps into this movement.

Worldwide Breast Cancer campaign

Worldwide Breast Cancer #knowyourlemons

The #knowyourlemons content campaign created by Worldwide Breast Cancer reached 7.3 million people on social media over just three Facebook posts.

The creative which was shared across social media shares the different signs which can depict what breast cancer looks and feels like, what to feel for during a breast exam and the process you will follow if you find a symptom.

The campaign was designed so that it didn’t segment specific audiences and instead had a broader appeal so that it could reach a wider group of people.

Intercontinental Content Campaign

InterContinental Hotel and Resorts Digital Hub

InterContinental Hotel and Resorts has recently launched a digital hub as part of a new European campaign. The hub features real life stories from the ‘InterContinental life’ which is included in videos, podcasts and creative ads.

Aiming to create an emotional connection with their audience, the campaign features true-life stories of those who have been involved or are currently shaping the luxury market and involves some of the brands key values.

As we often feel more inspired when we can relate to those in a campaign and get the ‘I’m just like them’ feeling, the digital hub is the perfect mix of relatable content with a hint of inspiration.

Lucy Stevens

Content Marketing Executive at Datify
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