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Ben Harper


Ben’s a co-founder at Datify, and is most often found talking or writing about everything that’s going on in the industry. He’s a bit of a popular know-it-all, so the Team feel lucky when they’re privileged with his presence in the office – or that could be down to his adorable dog Izzy who often accompanies him.

After graduating from Queen Mary, University of London, Ben joined the police as an Intelligence Analyst working on organised crime gangs and major cases. After this grounding in data and analysis, Ben worked in a variety of analytical, marketing and management roles in publishing companies, startups, and agencies before founding Datify, a data driven digital marketing agency.

Ben has worked on accounts of the world’s highest profile brands – including the likes of Coca-Cola and The British Government. Ben has spoken all over the world at high profile events, and can often be found on the conference circuit.

When Ben isn’t being bullied in the office, you can usually find him in the English countryside with his wife and daughter – enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. If you’re lucky enough to visit us don’t expect him to do the tea round as he doesn’t like hot drinks; however, he has recently discovered a taste for hot chocolate – so you might be in luck.
Despite being tagged as cold and unapproachable, Ben is actually a friendly chap with a fondness for Cadburys Chocolate and anything from Waitrose.  He would be the first to offer you a hug if you’re having a stressful day, and the first to sabotage your diet.

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